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Your Next Virtual Event

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Oct 22, 2020

6 Ways Snapbar Can Enhance Your Next Virtual Event

When the pandemic shut down the majority of its business last March, the owners of Snapbar knew they'd have to think outside the box to stay afloat. The fast-growing, Seattle-based photo booth supplier— which had previously been fielding about 50 quote requests per day for booths, selfie kiosks, and custom photo and video experiences for live events— immediately began analyzing ways its existing products could be rethought to provide safe, effective options for both virtual and hybrid gatherings.

As a result, Snapbar has survived (and actually thrived), debuting a slew of creative new products ranging from virtual photo booths to contactless selfie stands to on-theme event deliveries—all with the goal of engaging and connecting with audiences during the time of social distancing. The company has since worked with a variety of big-name brands, offering engagement solutions for social events, corporate events, large-scale marketing activations, and much more.

Here’s how to use Snapbar’s new products to...

1. Keep attendees engaged.

There’s nothing like a photo booth to get attendees engaged and excited— and that premise applies to virtual events, too.

Snapbar’s popular Virtual Photo Booth is fast, fun, and flexible, and can easily be integrated with many of the leading virtual event platforms. The best part? The browser-based, embeddable product works on Windows, Mac iOS, and Android, with no downloads required, making it as simple as possible for your attendees to capture a playful keepsake from your event. Tip-toeing back to in-person events, but don’t want to add staffers to your limited capacity counts? Snapbar has a solution for that, too.

The company’s Selfie Stand is a sleek, standalone kiosk that can be shipped directly to an event site. The contact-less, easy-to-operate stands use iPads to create photos, GIFs, or Boomerangs, offering a fun— and safe— option as in-person gatherings return.

Selfie Stands

2. Further your event’s theme and color scheme— while adding an extra branding opportunity.

Snapbar’s products are fully customized for every event or campaign.

For virtual photo booths, for instance, AI technology is used to remove backgrounds, meaning guests can be placed inside creative virtual environments— without ever leaving their coaches. (Consider having a few different backgrounds, to get attendees taking multiple snaps.) Eye-catching welcome screens and custom stickers, brand overlays, or text can be added, too.

The selfie stands, meanwhile, can also be customized to fit an event’s theme and color scheme. Because who wants a clunky eye-sore in the corner taking away from your carefully thought-out design? What’s more, the products can be fully customized to include branding, either in the photo backdrop or, in the case of selfie stands, on the kiosk itself.

Virtual Photo Booth

3. Fully immerse guests in your virtual event.

While photo ops add plenty of engagement options, Snapbar takes it a step further by offering the Virtual Event Pack, a curated box of snacks, drinks, or other goodies for your attendees to enjoy during the virtual event. The packs— which are available through a partnership with Keep Your City Smiling, Snapbar’s gifting-focused sister company— can be delivered directly to attendees’ homes.

Options include the “ snack break” box, which is chock-full of treats and drinks, or the “sponsor’s box,” which can be filled with brandable, on-theme items to showcase your event partners.

Virtual Event Packs

4. Build community and team unity.

It’s easy to feel isolated during a virtual event, when your interaction with other attendees may be limited to a chatbox. To add a unifying touch, Snapbar can create private or public photo galleries of images from its booths. In an Instagram-friendly twist, the company can also compile the images into a virtual mosaic. Trying to build a sense of unity in your remote workers? Snapbar also offers Virtual Headshots, which allow team members to use the service to take their own professional headshots.

Snapbar’s experts offer tips and guidelines— like where to stand, how to angle yourself, etc.— for the photos to ensure quality, and the web-based interface can add overlays and customized backgrounds to create a consistent look.

Virtual Headshots

5. Gather more information about your attendees.

Both the virtual photo booths and the selfie stands offer lead capture; attendees input their email addresses and other information in order to get their pictures, which means you can create marketing lists while your users are creating content. An added bonus? Snapbar can track analytics, and also integrate surveys to help you learn more about your audience.

6. Help the event live on long after it ends.

Snapbar’s virtual offerings can live on a customized URL, and both its virtual and in-person booths offer easy social-sharing features and download options. Or, consider adding a button that encourages attendees to sign up for your service or donate to your cause after snapping their pics— anything you can do to further brand awareness in a fun, natural way.