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5 Year Evolution Of The SnapBar

Blog snapbar evolution 6

Brianna C.

Mar 21, 2017

Five years ago, the SnapBar was born, and it quickly grew from there! By accident, actually. But we haven't always been the beautiful, luxury photo experience company that we are today. Just as with any process, we had some growing pains and awkward stages. But in the end, we became the luxury photo booth/ custom experience company our founders envisioned, and we couldn't be happier with the results. Here are our evolving stages, some more painful than others. But they truly make us appreciate how far we have come, and how far we are sure to go in the future!

The Box (aka The Honda Element of Photo Booths)

Believe it or not, that's not the carrying case our booth came in-- that's the original booth in all of its boxy... uhh... glory? You may think it's not bad to look at now, but the only words that come to our minds when we look at it now are "heavy" and "bulky." We also had to channel our inner MacGyver to set this thing up (complete with paperclips and chewing gum). But hey, give credit where credit is due-- we must respect our elders.

The original SnapBar photo booth experience

The Box: Dark Side Edition

One step forward and two steps back. Here, it's like we were trying to be better, but didn't succeed. At least we have a bigger screen and... yeah, that's all I've got. Can we just appreciate (read: "lament") the fact that we had to use a laptop to run our software?

Photo booth evolution The SnapBar

Introducing: The Enclosure

Getting closer. The current, minimalistic enclosure is introduced. We ditched the laptop, and we added a printer. But those tripod legs really aren't doing it for us anymore.

The SnapBar evolution phase 3

Matching it up!

I bet you would've liked to be in the room when our team thought, "Hey, let's match the wooden photo booth with wooden legs!" Would you have given us a gold star? Just one set of legs down, and it already looks so much better. We're almost there!

The SnapBar Evolution Photo booth experience

The Luxury Photo Booth

*dreamy sigh* Isn't she beautiful? Everything finally matches!

The final product Lux Booth The SnapBar

Wooden enclosure, wooden legs, #woodaesthetics!

Wood vintage photo booth

Even the printer matches! We finally did it. We made a photo booth beautiful and sexy.

Custom photo booth experience

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